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List of donors
a wedding gift
Andrew and Beatrice Porter
April 23,1938

The Gift
Oak Mantel Clock
cost $12

Bowring's Southside Premises:

Harry Warford
Phil Milee
Robert Hunt
George Whitten [Poker]
Wm. Kearly
Ralph Chafe
Gus Brien
Dan Whitten
Peter Gullage
Alex Wells
Hugie Kennedy
Stan Brocklehurst
Ern Whitten
Wm. Ennis
Geo. Whitten
Wm. Blundon
Sandy Forward
John Porter
Hedly Taylor
Gord Murphy
Weldon Gullage**
Frank Porter
Wm Norris Jr.
Jack Leamon
Hubert King
Dick Porter
Harry Taylor
Gus Gullage
Sandy Rumson
Jack Troke
Leonard Blunden
Wm. Fagan
Bob Chafe
Robert Blunden
Stan Blunden
Max Sullivan
Sam Chafe
Cyril Chafe
Jimmy Johnson
Tom Whitten
Wm. Norris Sr.
John Kearney
Peter Blunden
Victor Gullage
Max Boone
John Williams
Neddy Harvey
Neddy Power
Nick Healy
Tom Lewis
Sam Whitten
Walter Payne
Wm. Hannaford
Steve Whalen
Bert Horwood
James Harvey

On Saturday, April 23,1938,the rain poured all day
Beatrice [Churchill] and Andrew Porter were married
at Wesley United Church by the Rev.Jackman
Witnesses were: Phyllis Simmonds and Robert Fogwell
The wedding reception was held at: 127 Southside Rd.

Bill of Sale